Highlands Transit Plan

The Highlands Transit Plan, led by the Heartland Regional Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO), is a Transit Development Plan (TDP) for Highlands County. The plan will help establish a strategic vision to guide planning, development, and implementation of public transportation service over the next 10 years. Developed through a collaborative process and based on the community’s vision, the plan and is updated every five years.  The plan is required by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to be eligible to receive state funding for public transportation.

Plan Progress:
✔ Evaluating demographics and travel behavior/patterns: View the Draft Technical Memo #1 Baseline Conditions
✔ Evaluating Demand and Mobility Needs: View an overview of results from the Needs Survey and interviews conducted
☐  Develop Goals and Objectives
☐  Identifying and prioritizing public transportation service and capital needs
☐  Developing a 10-year service, financial & implementation plan
✔ Conducting extensive public involvement & community outreach throughout process

 Why is your input important?

Your input will contribute greatly to developing this initial Highlands Transit Plan. Early input received will be used to help establish the community’s public transportation needs. During later phases of the plan development process, the additional public input will be sought to confirm and prioritize alternatives for inclusion in the 10-year service, financial & implementation plan.

  • Input received in February and March 2017 helped to identify the needs of the community through:

Public Workshops & Events

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Past Events: