Q & A – Request for Proposals: Transit Development Plan

September 21, 2016
Q & A – Request for Proposals: Transit Development Plan

Does the HRTPO have a preference on the usage of covers, tabs/dividers, type of binding, margins, font, and font size with regards to this submittal?

Response: No preference

If covers and tabs are used, would they count toward the page limits of each section?

Response: No

Does the HRTPO have a suggested target percentage regarding MBE/DBE participation?

Response: No target for MBE/DBE participation, but firms are encouraged to be inclusive of MBE/DBE opportunities.

Is a cover letter allowed, and if so does it count against our page limits?

Response: Yes, a cover letter is allowed; No, it does not count against page limits.

Will HRTPO please provide the estimated budget for this study?

Response: As outlined in Task 3, Transit Planning in the Heartland Regional Transportation Planning Organization’s (HRTPO) Adopted Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for FY 2016/2017 through 2017/2018, the budget is as follows:
FY 16/17 $100,000 maximum for Consultant Services
FY 17/18 $25,000 maximum for Consultant Services

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